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Is the Virginia Tech offense tipping plays?

Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer suspects that his offense is tipping plays.

In fact, Virginia Tech coaches will or already have put in calls to Boise State and James Madison to find out.

Frank Beamer says, “There’s some people who’ve been in good calls for a particular play. Whether they fell into it or not, we’re checking it out. I don’t think we are [tipping off plays], but we need to check it out.”

Offensive coordinator Brian Stinespring explained, "I need to do a better job of coaching. We’re in position to be more successful than we are, and you don’t need to point at this guy, that guy, this position. I need to do a better job of coaching. ... It’s my responsibility to make sure we play better and we can and we will.”

The Hokies return to action against East Carolina on Saturday. Kick-off from Lane Stadium is set for 1:30 pm EST. You can see the entire Week #3 TV Schedule right here.