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Photos: Is this really the future of tailgating?


Chances are you've seen this photo bounce around the Internet in the past week:

Known as boxgating, a pair of Texas Tech grads debuted their new idea at the Red Raiders' scrimmage in Midland, Texas, last Saturday.

Outfitted with branded team gear, boxLIFE is essentially a suite outside of the stadium. The appeal is easy to see.

Here's what we debated amongst our staff this morning, though: Who's buying this? Considering you can't just buy a boxLIFE, you also need a forklift and a semi to haul it to and from the stadium, that all but eliminates the common fan. There are a lot of people with crazy passion and crazy money to spend on their college football team, but they're not buying a boxLIFE.

The likely scenario we see is that boxLIFE markets itself to schools themselves, who then rent out the boxgating experience to groups and split the money with the company.

Are we wrong here? Is this something you would be interested in?