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Is this the next big thing in evaluating your players?

Kentucky is viewed by many in the coaching and strength and conditioning profession to be on the leading edge of sports performance, and it looks like they're continuing that trend by introducing their players to a test, or survey of sorts, called APTUS Discovery.

Instead of handing out surveys, multiple choice tests, and evaluations, APTUS Discovery takes advantage of technology in order to interact with the younger generation in order to find their strengths and weaknesses in 65 different cognitive and behavioral areas. The test takes about 25-35 minutes and asseses the following areas (including many more):

- Grit
- Attention to detail
- Focus
- Complexity
- Competitiveness
- Simplicity
- Self regulation

After taking the test, the coaching staff, and the strength and conditioning staff, will have real life data on each and every player "that has never been possible previously". Having that information in your hands for every guy on your roster could prove to be a game changer over the course of a season and each player's career. 

This sounds like something the NFL is going to want their hands on ASAP to aid in the NFL draft, and to build the roster and make cuts, etc.

Learn more about the APTUS Discovery assessment and get some reviews from the players who took it below.