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It's the spring time: 15 ideas for improving your life and career

It's the spring time. The recruiting cycle has slowed to a manageable speed and though spring football is in full swing across many campuses across the nation, the actual games are still more than five months away. Simply put, you now have time to take a breath of fresh air. What are you going to do with this glorious portion of the schedule?

Here are 15 suggestions from your humble friends at FootballScoop to breathe life into relationships that get suffocated during the fall and winter, to improve your life and your career. 

1) Get together with a different faculty member for lunch once a week.

2) Get some face time with your AD. 

3) Organize a day with your players to serve your student body.

4) Take time to make sure your administrative staff knows how much you appreciate them.

5) Give your wife a day off. Bring your kids to school or work, get her oil changed and her tires rotated, and take care of anything she has to do herself during the fall when you're not around. That night, take your kids and their friends out to dinner or a movie...your wife will appreciate the quiet time and your kids will love the you time. 

6) Plan an outrageous summer vacation with your family.

7) You write letters to recruits every day. Write a letter to your kids and let them know how much they mean to you.

8) Take a long weekend trip with just your wife.

9) Spend a few hours thinking about your career path and where you want to be in five or 10 years.

10) Invite a GA to lunch or dinner and ask him about his career path. Then make some phone calls to set him up for his future.

11) Make sure the other sports on campus know how much you appreciate their support. A college baseball or softball game can be a great family outing.

12) Call someone who helped you get your current job and thank them.

12a) While you're at it, call your parents and thank them.

13) Invite your neighbors over for dinner. You never know when you'll need help this fall.

14) Call and check in with your high school coach or a high school teammate of yours.

15) Remind yourself how many people would kill to have your job, and thank God that it's yours.