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It was 29-0 before we ran our 1st offensive play

Last Friday Pulaski Academy (AR) played at Cabot High (AR), a quality opponent. Pulaski, you might know, is coached by Kevin Kelley (yes, he of the "We don't punt" fame).

Kelley hits the circuit quite frequently to discuss his beliefs. Some of the more prominent ones are that he believes that you will have greater success if your offense knows that it will go for it on every 4th down it faces (he has statistics that in his mind support this). He also professes use of the onside kick (he says he has 12 different onside kick varieties in his playbook). There's plenty more to it, just google around a little.

So, this past weekend, at Cabot....

Pulaski scored on it's first drive. Onside kick...recovered. Offense then gets another touchdown. Onside kick...recovered. Offense gets another touchdown. Onside kick....recovered. Offense gets another touchdown.

At this point it's 29-0 and there's still 8:35 left on the clock in the 1st quarter. Cabot calls a timeout before the next kickoff.

This time, Cabot recovers...thank goodness. The offense then trots out for it's first play, down 29-0. Ouch.

Pulaski wound up winning 64-34.

Below is video of each of the 9 onside kicks Pulaski attempted during this one game.

Jon Wertheim of has a good article about the game and Coach Kelley's beliefs