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James Franklin has clear priority at Vanderbilt

It started at his introductory press conference. Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin made sure to emphasize perhaps the most important thing he has to do is sign a big-time quarterback.

Franklin wants to find the next Josh Freeman and he is truly excited about his quarterbacks coach Ricky Rahne.

Franklin told ESPN, “I take a lot of pride in what we’ve been able to do with quarterbacks. We hired a guy named Ricky Rahne (as quarterbacks coach), who coached with me at Kansas State. I think he’s one of the hot, up and coming guys in this profession. He’s a really, really smart guy who played quarterback at Cornell.”

“I spent time in Philadelphia around Donovan McNabb. I spent time in Green Bay with Brett Favre, and in the same year, we drafted Aaron Rodgers. I go to Kansas State, and we recruit a guy by the name of Josh Freeman, who’s a first-round draft choice, and then go to Maryland and recruit and coach a kid by the name of Danny O’Brien, who was ACC Rookie of the Year.”

“I just feel like I’ve been around some pretty good quarterbacks and know what they look like and have studied the traits that have allowed them to be successful. I feel pretty confident that we’re going to be able to make an impact in the careers of the quarterbacks we have here, and we’re going to be able to attract quarterbacks for the future. We have a proven track record of being able to do it.”

Larry Smith is expected to start at quarterback for the Commordores next season. Thus far, Franklin has been pleased with Smith and likes his potential.

Vandy opens with three home games against Elon, UCONN, and Ole Miss. Franklin’s first three road games as a head coach are at South Carolina, at Alabama, and at Florida.