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James Franklin nails part one, now begins 'what really matters'

James Franklin has been the Vanderbilt head coach for seven months and he’ll admit that all he has done since accepting the job is sell, sell, sell.

Franklin and the athletic department have done a terrific job marketing their program and selling a new Vanderbilt.

His attitude and enthusiasm has been well received in Nashville and at the least, brought hope to the Commodores’ fan base.

For example, today, Franklin ended a radio interview with 104.5 in Nashville by saying, “Another thing is I invite you guys to come on out here. If you guys want to do a show from here, I’d love to have you guys. You can setup all your equipment on our patio and broadcast from our facility. Anything we can do to give you guys more access, we’ll do. I couldn’t be more thankful or appreciative for what you guys have done since we’ve come to town.”

Pretty smart.

But Franklin knows what really matters. Later on this morning, Franklin said it best during his pre-camp press conference.

“In the end, I better put a product on the field that people can be excited about and that’s what we’re doing right now, that’s our focus,” admitted Franklin.

He added, “At a place like Vanderbilt, I have to wear more hats than anywhere. And I’m more than willing to go out and talk to whoever I have to talk to, whether some in the community, it’s the media or whatever it is. All we’ve really done since we came here is sell our program. Sell our program. Sell our program, sell our kids, sell our university, sell this city…all the positives we have. All those things are great, the plan, the vision. Now we have to get on the field and we gotta do it.”

“I think everyone in this room understands this is a process. We’re not going to walk in and flick a light switch. Every day, we’re just going to keep chipping away at it and moving to the direction we want to go. But we have very high aspirations of where we are going and we’re not going to let anybody tell us who and what we can be. We are going to define who and what we can be. I’m not worried about the history, the past, any of those things. We are going to worry about what we can control, which is right now.”

You can only do one thing at a time. Franklin’s done the first part quite nicely. Those interesting in becoming head coaches down the line should have taken notice. Now, let’s see him put together a team.