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James Franklin on "helicopter recruiting"

James Franklin has definitely been creative in landing arguably one of the best recruiting classes in Vandy football history, and one thing that sets him apart is his willingness to get creative, and hating to sit in traffic.

When recruiting the Atlanta area this past season, Franklin was able to hit two highly touted high school games to see recruits play by taking a helicopter and hopping from game to game. 

“For us, it was more about trying to get as much work done in a limited amount of time, I’ve done this at other schools I’ve coached at. For us to go to two high-profile games in the Atlanta area with traffic and things like that, it makes it difficult to do. So the helicopter afforded us the opportunity to go ahead and do that.” Franklin said.

Franklin was able to see half of one high profile game, and hop in the chopper to catch half of the other game.

"Without a helicopter, it’s hard to do something like that. That was the main reason for us to do that. It was for me to be able to maximize my time and see as many prospects as I could possibly could.” he added.