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James Franklin taking Vandy bowlin (for real)

James Franklin guided his team to their 6th win today and yes, Vandy is going to a bowl game (not bowling like he took the team in August)

It's hard to find the words to explain what Franklin has achieved in his first season as head coach. In short, it's remarkable. It's not the 6 wins and it's not going to a bowl game. It's the way that he has completely overhauled the program. Recruits now want to speak with Vandy because they are seeing Coach Franklin on ESPN, on the internet, on local TV. He's a tireless recruiter for his program. 

In August we spent an afternoon with the Vandy staff. Believe it or not, that day, there actually were not any cameras following James Franklin around; but it seems that every other day Franklin or some facet of Vanderbilt football is showing up on the net. Hard to argue with the results.

We expect more and more programs will begin utilizing video to tell the story the way Franklin has over the course of this year; and that's a good thing. 

Congratulations to Coach Franklin and the entire staff at Vanderbilt. 

Video below was from mid-August when Franklin surprised the team by taking them bowling.