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Update at James Madison

As far as FCS programs go, the expectations at James Madison are as high as any place in the country.

On Monday, after fifteen season at the helm, athletic director Jeff Bourne decided a change of leadership was needed to meet those high expectations and decided to part ways with longtime (and extremely successful) head coach Mickey Matthews. Matthews had led the program to a 109-71 overall record, a 2004 FCS National Title, and five playoff appearances during his time leading the program.

The bottom line according to Bourne was that "we did not win enough football games, and we didn't make our way into the (FCS) playoffs enough." Plain and simple.

With an operating budget of over $6.5 million dollars (the second highest in all of FCS), some of the best FCS facilities in the country, and great potential, the right candidate could come into James Madison and make a huge impact.

However, the next head coach is going to have to embrace those high expectations in order to stick around.

"The way our program is evaluated currently is we look at our facilities, our funding, our university support with regard to donors, alumni and fans, and (based on) how we compare to other FCS schools, we expect to be good on an annual basis." Bourne told The News Virginian.

"We are at the absolute pinnacle of FCS football with our potential and what we have to offer. Our goal is to make sure we compete on an annual basis at the top."