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Jerry Kill mic'd up...This is classic

A record 1200 coaches showed up for the Minnesota Foootball Coaches Association clinic. The high school coaches in Minnesota are excited about the new head man for the Gophers, Jerry Kill.

Kill served as the keynote speaker of the clinic, which was held in St. Louis Park. His underlying message was the importance of hard work.

Kill explained, "We're going to push, we're going to work, and we're going to build from the ground up. I only know one way to do it - I'm not changing. I've been doing it for 28 years, and I'm not giving in. We are going to work hard."

On Saturday, Kill led the Gophers through their first scrimmage of the spring.

Kill said, “We don’t have the depth we need right now. We have 6 receivers that are healthy and they’re running two huddles…running 60 yards down the field. They probably ran 20 miles today.”

“It’s a long, long journey here. We’re going to take one step at a time. No guarantees. I’m not doing those kinds of things.”

Here’s a 24 second clip of Coach Kill mic’d up. You don’t want to miss this: