Jerry Kill urges you to focus on three areas to win more games

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Jerry Kill and his staff have absolutely transformed the Minnesota program in three years, starting off at 3-9 his first season, improving to 6-7 with a bowl appearance in year two, and this past season the squad finished 8-5. This spring marks an opportunity for them to take another step toward being a legit challenger for the Big Ten title.

Asked about what they'll focus on offensively during spring ball, Kill offered up a few things that coordinators on both sides of the ball will find interesting.

"From the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, you look at wins and losses, and most of the time they're in the red zone. From a defensive standpoint getting stops, and from an offensive standpoint, scoring inside of the red zone." he explained

"If you're a good red zone team, and you're good at fourth down situations, and you don't get in third and long, you're going to win most of your games. So that's a big emphasis behind what we're doing."

"Go through and take a look at it. It's the truth."

Take a look back through your game film this year and evaluate your losses. How many of those outcomes would have been different if you improved in those three categories? Chances are your season would look quite a bit different.