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Jim Grobe: No, we're not starting from scratch

Wake Forest is 2-1, but head coach Jim Grobe is concerned about his team coming off a 68-24 loss at Stanford. Over the last two games, Wake has allowed a combined 1022 yards of offense.

“No, we’re not starting from scratch. We’re just trying to cut some things out. I think we’re trying to find out what our kids are capable of handling mentally more than anything else. At Wake Forest we’ve got smart kids, but I think sometimes we take that to the nth degree as coaches and feel like our kids are smart enough to handle a lot of defense, and the same way offensively. We’ve got the same issues on offense.”

“I think sometimes we ask our guys to think too much, and they tend to play slower when they’re not thinking fast. So I think our challenge is to be careful from week to week on how much we ask our guys to do.”

“We’ve got a huge playbook on both offense and defense. A lot of the things that have been good to us in the past are things that we’ve dragged here into the future, and it may have been good for some other teams, but it may not be good for this team.”

“So I think our challenge as coaches is to not only coach the kids better, but to be careful that what we’re asking them to do are things that they can handle. In some cases we’ve talked about it before, but we’ve got some young players that don’t handle change very well. We didn’t, obviously, handle that trip very well last weekend. But we also don’t handle asking them to think too much.”

Wake Forest travels to Florida State for a 3:30 pm EST kick-off.