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Jim Leavitt, Gary Patterson, Mike Leach talk about jobs

Jim Leavitt on if he will get another head coaching job: "That is the unknown. This is such foreign territory for me. I never have been in a situation like this in my life. ... Some people wonder why I don't just move on. Well, if I move on, that means I am admitting that I hit and choked this young man, which would be a lie.”

"My character ... I can't lie. That's why it's extraordinary that they said that I lied and tried to manipulate people. That couldn't be farther from the truth. My point in all of this is I don't know how it all will play out."

Gary Patterson says it’s that time of year again: "I think it's good for everybody if your name is out there, but I'm not the one putting it out there. I take it as a compliment that our name comes up. The reason why Gary Patterson's name comes up is because TCU has been successful. Hopefully that happens for a long, long time."

"There is a reason why your name is out there. It's because you have good players, good assistants, good structure in place that helps you win. Sometimes people take jobs and move and find out some of the things that made them successful aren't there anymore."

Mike Leach hopes past doesn't derail him from getting another job: "If it does, it's somebody who doesn't know the facts. I want a good situation. I don't want a place that just wants me to sign up. I want to go to a place that wants to win. I want one that values academics. I want one that believes in my body of work and has the presence of mind to realize that we wouldn't have had the success we did if I ever abused a student-athlete, so that obviously is false."

Washington State head coach Paul Wulff frustrated: “You watch us practice. You watch us do things. You’d never guess what our season is right now record-wise.”

“I like our attitude. I like the fight. I like the consistent go-to-work mentality. It’s the first time we’ve had that since we’ve been here.”