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On the possibility of Jim Tressel becoming the University of Akron's next president

On Wednesday, longtime University of Akron president Luis Proenza announced his intentions to step down. One his rumored replacements, and the reason we are writing about this on a football site, is former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel.

From the Akron Beacon Journal, who broke the story: 

"Many rumors suggest that Jim Tressel, the former Ohio State football coach who is UA vice president for strategic engagement, would be named interim president or president when Proenza departs. 'He’s probably going to be a candidate, but that’s about all we can say at this point,” Pogue said in an interview Monday. “We’re not in any rush.'"

According to the paper, University of Akron trustees don't plan to outline the steps for finding a new president until September.

When you agrees to become a president of the university, clearly you step in with a plan to hold the office for the long-term. Tressel, age 60, was in coaching full-time from 1975 until his last game at Ohio State in January of 2011. Accepting the University of Akron presidency would more than likely signal the end of his coaching career.

Which is why we don't expect it to happen.

We continue to hear in coaching circles that Tressel will be back in coaching sooner than most expect. We believe that, though he may love Akron, where he has served as the school's vice president of strategic engagement for 18 months, his love of coaching will put him back on the sidelines rather than the president's office.