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Jimbo and Muschamp respond to Texas A&M speculation

Jimbo Fisher and Will Muschamp refuse to let the Texas A&M speculation be distracting. On Saturday, both coaches were asked multiple questions about A&M joining the SEC.

Fisher said, “I don’t know. Can’t comment on what you don’t know.”

You don’t care what league you’re in?

“We’re getting ready for the fall. We got an ACC schedule we gotta win. We gotta a couple of big non-conference game we gotta win. We got an ACC championship we gotta win. That’s our focus and what I’m concentrating on.”

Could you see yourselves in the SEC?

“We’re in the ACC and happy to be in the ACC.”

Do you have any comment on A&M all but going to the SEC?

“I got enough problems worried about practice. I ain’t got time to worry about Texas A&M.”

Muschamp was asked his thoughts on the A&M situation. In classic style, Muschamp said point blank, “I'm trying to get pass rush. I've been think about that a lot more than the Aggs, I can tell you that."

He added, "I could care less what the Aggies do, I can tell you that."