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Jimbo fired up this morning: It's utterly ridiculous. I call it the lazy man's rule.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher talked about a number of topics this morning on the Joe Rose Radio Show.

In light of the Willie Lyles situation, Fisher believes that all recruiting services should be mandated to charge the same price for each college.

Jimbo explained, “My thing is if you’re registered with the NCAA and it’s the same amount for everybody out there, (then it’s ok). There has got to be some sort of regulation on those guys. You have to regulate those guys. They are solely there to provide tape and information.”

Why do people use guys like Willie Lyles?

“There are not enough days and not enough people to cover your ground.”

Fisher is very displeased with the fact that Nike can fly a family of four to Eugene, Oregon for camp that takes place on the Oregon campus.

He explained, “It’s has to be at a neutral site. I don’t blame Oregon. Oregon is taking advantage of the situation. It’s not their fault. They (Nike) can fly the family members out there to spend four days on a camp, but I can’t fly ‘em here for an official visit. Think about that.” (Colleges are only allowed to pay the airfare of a prospect, not his family members, during an official visit.)

Jimbo believes everyone would benefit if high school coaches were compensated to run 7 on 7 teams in the summer.

“The high school coaches should be in charge.” (Not these mentors, agents, jacklegs that don’t have the best interests of the prospects at heart)

In terms of the summer 7 on 7 teams, here’s where it goes bad:

“When they (prospects) get involved with a bunch of different guys on a bunch of different teams, then they get coached differently and then they get a bunch of different people in their life that stick to them and affect the way their getting coached in high school and affect their recruiting because they now become mentors and agents. That’s the part you have to regulate.”

So what about head coaches not being allowed to go on the road to recruit during the spring?

Fisher said, “That’s my biggest pet peeve. I am responsible for players. I am responsible for picking guys. And not only that, but what about promoting football in the state of Florida? What’s a greater thing for a high school than when a head coach at a major university walks in your school?”

“To me, that is utterly ridiculous. I call it the lazy man’s rule. It’s utterly ridiculous for head coaches to not want to go out.”

What else is ridiculous? To Fisher, it’s the fact the NCAA is thinking about decreasing the overall size of football staffs.

Fisher said, “I think you need more people to monitor your kids. Why would you want to police more and take less people to do it? The problems that kids face today is tenfold what we faced when we were in school because of the facebook world, the twitter world, all those things that go on with a kid’s life.”

“We have to be able to have enough people to be able to monitor what we’re responsible for.”