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Jimbo Fisher: Fundamentals are the key to bowl success

Wrapping up a demanding 12 or 13 game schedule followed by some down time before hitting the field and film room hard again to prepare for a bowl can be difficult for a lot of staffs and teams.

After practice this weekend, Jimbo Fisher explained why players bowl game performance sometimes suffers, and why a renewed focus has to be put on fundamentals when you get back out on the field.

"We gotta get back to fundamentals. You get away for 10 days, and you're banged and hurt and bruised up and you have to go back and start all over again and get those fundamentals in for those first three or four practices so you can get back to being able to block and tackle."

"If you go back and look at bowl games, it's turnovers, missed tackles, because you go such a long period of time without doing those things, good angles on your blocks and cuts and all your fundamental things. Those are things that always tend to be an issue in bowl games."

"Those are all fundamental things. You have to go back to blocking and tackling, taking the right angles on runs and blocks and being disciplined. That's going to be key and that's what we try to re-emphasize."

Fisher also noted during his post game presser that they plan to take a look at playing more nickel and dime packages because 75% of their snaps this season have taken place against a one back formation.