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Jimbo Fisher: Invest in recruiting

USA Today came out with an interesting article over the weekend detailing Florida State's recruiting expenses, which have eclipsed the $500,000 mark since Jimbo Fisher has taken the reigns.

According to the article, during Bobby Bowden's final season the Seminoles spent an estimated $280,000 on recruiting. In Fisher's first year as head coach that number rose to $500,000 and increased again to $525,000 for 2011-2012. To help put that in perspective, the entire athletic department at Florida State spent $1.6 million on recruiting for 2011-2012.

Noting that most recruits won't even consider schools that don't offer them by their Junior year, Fisher admits that the evaluation process had to be accelerated when he was hired.

"We're on sophomores and freshmen now. If you haven't offered them're done. You aren't even getting in the hunt."

"If you wait like in the old days and only travel at the end, you won't have anybody to sign. There are no players left. Now, it's the early bird gets the worm. It's all about a relationship. Recruiting is all about relationships. And relationships don't just come, 'Hey, c'mon, I've got a great school.' No, they take time."

With the changes in recruiting over the past few years, Fisher and his staff focused on closing the gap on the programs that had made headway on the recruiting trail.

"The landscape of recruiting in general has changed. Recruiting used to be a segmented time of year. Now? It's 365 days a year. Recruiting never, ever, ever stops now. That's the nature of our business."

"With our classes, for the money, we're probably the best bang for your buck in the country. I don't understand people who think you're gonna make money on a company and you don't invest in it. The investment is recruiting. If we get the right players and we win games, the school makes more money, we make more money, the community makes more money, and we're all happy. Recruiting is the lifeline".