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Jimbo on the advantages of breaking in a new coaching staff

With spring ball underway in Tallahassee, one would assume a lot of Jimbo Fisher's time has been spent not only getting a new roster up to speed, but nearly a brand-new coaching staff as well. With six assistants gone from last year's staff, it would certainly be understandable if one assumed the Seminoles will be less crisp this spring as Fisher re-taught his philosophy to a new staff.

One would be wrong.

"It's not been hard, because those guys come off the same tree," said Fisher. "They've been in this same system, they've been in this same environment. They hit the ground running easier than the old group did. That's nothing against those guys, they did a tremendous job when they were here. These guys have been in the same system and know what we do. It has not been an issue at all."

Among Florida State's new assistants are former Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster (tight ends), former Tennessee defensive coordinator and Alabama assistant head coach Sal Sunseri (defensive ends) and former Kentucky offensive coordinator Randy Sanders (running backs). While Fisher acknowledged the strengths and accomplishments of his old staff, he has quickly grown to appreciate what his new assistants bring to the table. Primarily, that the 2013 Seminoles will be led by coaches with a wealth of decision-making experience.

"More idea guys. Guys that have seen different things. Bring different things to the table. Stimulate your brain in different ways," Fisher said of what he enjoys about the new staff. "It's easy to sit back and say what you would do if you've never been a decision-maker. When you've actually called them and know the logistics of everything that goes on, you get a lot bigger picture and understanding of what you're trying to do."

Fisher also noted one more advantage that Florida State's staff turnover brings. It's a whole new set of eyes for the Seminoles' players to audition for.

"When you know you've there's somebody else you've got to impress out there, it keeps them on their edge so they don't get complacent out there. It's always good when you have a new boss."