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Jimbo thrilled with his quarterback following today's scrimmage

Following Monday afternoon’s scrimmage inside Doak Campbell Stadium, Jimbo Fisher offered high praise for quarterback EJ Manuel.

Manuel, the 6’4 234 lb junior from Virginia Beach, will take over at quarterback for Christian Ponder.

Jimbo said, “Just control of the game…total control of what’s going on. Poise…managing people, getting on people, leading people, encouraging people, making throws, making runs. It was just like you want the guy, you feel very comfortable with him running your unit.”

“If it was a bad play, he pushed it off and went to the next play. If it was a good play, he pushed it off and went to the next play.”

The scrimmage format was ones vs. ones, twos vs. twos.

Jimbo added, "We moved the field, did two drives - two 12 play series and moved the field. We did third downs, we did coming out, we did red zone, we did goal line, did two minute. We covered a lot of situations. We got a lot of things in."