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Joe Barry explains why Monte Kiffin is the best to work with

Monte Kiffin is set to enter his 45th year in the coaching profession and his third season working with his son, Lane. Kiffin has accomplished a number of great things in his career including a Super Bowl championship. He is largley credited with the idea of the Tampa 2 defensive scheme.

But second year USC linebackers coach Joe Barry believes the elder Kiffin is outstanding for a different reason.

Barry, who coached with Monte Kiffin in Tampa Bay, told the Orange County Register, “I’ve never had a day where I’ve gone to work with Monte where I haven’t left that day a better coach.”

“Monte’s a great defensive mind. But one of Monte’s best attributes is he makes his coaches better. He forces his coaches to get better. And it’s not a beat-down, drudgery type deal. You have a wonderful time doing it.”

“He demands it, No. 1. But within demanding it, he makes it fun. You’re almost forced to become a better coach. Going on the ninth year I’ve worked with him, it’s still true. It was like that my first year, and it’s like that still today.”

Barry coached the Tampa Bay linebackers from 2001-2006 and again in 2009 while Kiffin served as the defensive coordinator.

In 2009 at Tennessee, the Vols finished 38th in scoring defense and 22nd in total defense, and 65th against the run. Tennessee finished 7-6.

In 2010 at USC, the Trojans finished 84th in total defense, 63rd in scoring defense, and 49th against the run. USC finished 8-5.