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Joe Paterno explains his plan to handle quarterback decision

Joe Paterno feels this year's team at Penn State is more willing to accept tough coaching that last year's team. Paterno believes the Nittany Lions will be improved, but he isn't close to naming a starting quarterback.

A year ago, Paterno allowed his nine assistant coaches to vote on the starting quarterback at the beginning of the year. Paterno admitted to the Reading Eagle that he didn't want true freshman Rob Bolden to start, but all nine assistants voted for Bolden, so Bolden started.

Joe Pa explained, Because I thought he (Bolden) was a little too young. He hadn't been here for spring practice. He had just been in high school. He had never played before 100,000 people in an environment such as Alabama. So I was concerned about that and I laid back a little bit because the guys were all gung-ho about it.”

Not surprisingly, Joe Pa is going to let the quarterback battle play itself out during August camp.

He explained, “I'm assuming he's (Bolden) going to come back unless he tells me otherwise. I think in all fairness to the kid, he ought to be looking forward to enjoying it. Most of these kids are pretty good kids, just like the (Pat) Devlin kid.”

“Devlin and his dad sat in my kitchen. The dad said he needed two years to be a pro. I said, ‘He could have two years here.’ He went to Delaware and took him to a national championship game. I thought he'd be a pretty good draft pick, and he didn't even get drafted. He's better than that. I like Devlin, but (Daryll) Clark had done a good job, and I wasn't about to just.” 

“I'm going to play the guy who's best for the team as long as the kid works at it. Devlin may have beaten out Clark if he had come back, I don't know. But the year we played Clark ahead of Devlin (2008), I thought Clark was better for that team. Right now, I wouldn't know for sure which one of the two kids (Bolden or Matt McGloin) would start. I'd sit down and tell them what I'm thinking. I don't want them to read about it in the press.”

Sounds like a veteran head coach.

Penn State opens with Indiana State. Alabama visits Happy Valley in week #2 for a 3:30 pm EST kick-off.