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Joe Schad searching for Auburn airport guy

On December 13, 2008, a video that now has over 659,000 hits made its way to YouTube. As Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs landed at the Auburn airport, he was greeted by some bozo. 

You remember that guy yelling, “Boooo. We want a leader not a loser. Boooo. Give us (Turner) Gill not Chizik. 5-19. 5-19 is not what we need. Hell, I’ll take Brady Hoke or Patrick Nix. Any of them! Not Chizik!” 

Now, ESPN’s Joe Schad is trying to locate this individual. Schad just tweeted, “Anyone personally know the Auburn airport guy or who he is? Message me.” 

We can’t wait for this guy to step to the forefront. In two years, Gene Chizik is 16-5. The Tigers are now ranked #1 overall in the latest BCS standings.

Former Auburn head coach Pat Dye recalls when Jacobs told him his plan to hire Gene Chizik. Dye recently said, "When he called me to tell me he had chosen Gene to be our next coach, I couldn't believe it. He said, 'I decided to hire Gene the day he left Auburn (for Texas).'" 

Here is the video from December 13, 2008. We hope Schad can gets an interview with this heckler.