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June Jones: If I went to Florida and tried this approach...

So why is the SMU head coaching job perfect for June Jones?

According to Jones, "I have to admit that because of the way that I do it, these are the only jobs that I really want to take. Because they've tried everything else. If I went to Florida and tried this approach, there would be 42 coaches in the press box saying, 'This guy screwed up. We can't do this and be SEC champions."'

The Mustangs’ third-year head coach added, "A lot of guys take these jobs that have lost forever and it's old school, you gotta be tougher, you gotta be more physical. But to come to this school and build a team on defense is not going to happen. The turnaround stuff to me is playing an exciting brand of football where you go and try to win the game on every play."

With only three rules: Go to class, come to practice, and give maximum effort…"It's not that hard," he said. "If you can't play for me, you can't play for anybody."

After a 1-11 year #1, Jones led SMU to an 8-5 season in 2009.

SMU opens the 2010 season at Texas Tech this Sunday at 3:30 pm EST. ESPN will broadcast the game. You can see the entire Week #1 TV Schedule right here.