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Just when you thought The Horseshoe couldn't get any louder

If you've ever been to a game in Columbus, you know how loud a stadium packed with 102,000 screaming Buckeye fanatics can be. Even if you've had the opportunity to stand in the stadium when it's completely empty, as we did during the 2013 Midwest Tour, you can still paint a pretty vivid picture.

Next week a proposal will go before the university's board of trustees to add 2,500 seats by the start of the 2014 season. The project is expected to cost $9 million.

According to USA Today, athletic director Gene Smith says that the seats will be added to the South end zone and the expansion will increase the overall capacity to 104,829.

Currently listed with a capacity of 102,329, Ohio Stadium is the 4th largest college football stadium behind The Big House at Michigan (109,901), Penn State's Beaver Stadium (106,572), and Tennessee's Neyland Stadium (102,455) . If approved as expected, the new addition will bump them up to the number 3 spot, just Beaver Stadium and "the team up north".