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Kansas assistant coaches describe work under Turner Gill

During an interview with the Kansas City Star newspaper, Kansas defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Carl Torbush and offensive line coach JB Grimes shared their thoughts on Turner Gill.

Torbush said, “What you see in Turner is exactly what you get. There is no fake or pretentiousness. He’s the type of man that, as an assistant coach, you do not want to let him down.”

“After football, somewhere down the road, you’d like to think players are gonna come back to you, be your friend, say ‘Thank you for the role model you were for me.’ I’ve seen some guys that wouldn’t come back to their college after they finished. That’s not what this game’s all about.”

Grimes said, “There’s a lot of different ways to skin a cat. The way Turner does things appeals to me. It appeals to my sense of being a parent. I tell people, ‘Before I’m a coach, I’m a dad.’ Obviously, we need to win football games. But you know what? I do believe there is a broader responsibility we have.”

Grimes added, “I played the game, and no one has more respect for Coach Bryant and his accomplishments. But I think he set football back two generations at Junction. Because you don’t have to do it that way. I think it’s a positive thing, what we’re doing right now. You don’t have to tear them down to build them up.”

The new coaching staff at Kansas under Turner Gill will open the season against North Dakota State. The Jayhawks will host Georgia Tech the following week.