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Keep an eye on these two sets when West Virginia plays tomorrow

Tomorrow at 4:30, West Virginia heads up to Maryland to take on James Madison. If you remember, back in 2010 James Madison upset Virginia Tech in week 2 before the Hokies went on to rattle off 11 straight wins and finish 11-3.

ESPN Stats and Information put together some interesting statistics on Mountaineer quarterback Geno Smith since 2011 and found that when they come out in pistol and two running back sets, they are most efficient.

In two running back formations, Smith has thrown 17 touchdowns to only 1 interception, and all but one of those touchdown passes came out of the shotgun.

Out of their pistol formations, Smith has thrown 18 touchdowns and only 2 picks.

Thats an impressive 35 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions out of the combined pistol and two back looks.

Keep an eye on those two groupings come tomorrow.