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Kelly wants no distractions, McGee wants Mallett to understand run game

Chip Kelly all about avoiding distractions: "We don't deal with outside expectations. I've had people tell me last Saturday was a statement win. It wasn't a statement win for anybody on this football team. I can tell you that. We expected to win that football game. We don't let people govern us from the outside, whether we're losing and people say we're not supposed to win games, or we're winning and people say we're supposed to be winning by that much."

"If you go to Dairy Queen every day and get a Blizzard, the Blizzard doesn't taste as good on the sixth day, you know what I mean? If you get one once a week, or once every two weeks," it tastes better.”

Arkansas OC / quarterbacks coach Garrick McGee talks about running game problems: “We’ve tried to get committed to a core run game and get our kids to concentrate on our run schemes and run to the ball with their pads lower and accept the contact, and not run away from contact. All the small details that go into building a run game we’ve tried to go back to this off-week. Part of it is Ryan Mallett has to get us out of bad plays. If we’ve got a play called and it’s a bad look, and they’ve got extra guys, we’ve got to change it. Our quarterback has the ability and freedom to change it. It’s a part of playing quarterback for us. He has not done that at times in each game."

“I do know we’ve got good kids. They’re willing learners and they want to do good. They’re not fighting it so I have a feeling you’ll see some of the work we’ve put in the last week come to life.”

ULL head coach Ricky Bustle concerned about Oklahoma State tempo: "Middle Tennessee was an up-tempo team and caught us off-guard a couple of times. So we've seen it already and learned from our mistakes. If you think Middle Tennessee is fast, wait until you see Oklahoma State."

"If we can't stop the running game, we are going to have problems."

Paul Johnson’s response upon hearing a lineman say “we all need to get on the same page” : “Maybe it’s just me, but I get tired of hearing that stuff. If you’re supposed to block a linebacker, there’s only one page to get on.”

Mississippi State OC Les Koenning says Relf’s job tied to ball security: "He has to realize that's part of his life - ball security, job security. If it wasn't for turnovers, we'd be in really good shape."

Ole Miss DC Tyrone Nix looks to address pass-rush during BYE week: "We're just trying to give guys an opportunity to show flashes and see if they can make a play for us, especially in passing situations. Who's the guy who gives us the best chance to get pressure on the quarterback?"

Cam Newton compliments Gus Malzahn: "During recruiting, he mentioned that he and I have to be very close, that I had to start trusting him. I trust Coach Malzahn, that he has my best interests. Anything he tells me, I’m going to try to do it 110 percent. That’s not only my position coach, not only my offensive coordinator, but my father figure away from home. A person like that, he’s a great leader to look to. I’m striving to be good every day because of him."