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Kelly: 'You can't start winning until you stop losing'

Brian Kelly joined The Seth Davis Show recently to talk about how him and his staff went about changing the culture at Notre Dame and ended up sharing some really interesting thoughts on coaching, life and (of course) football.

The show opens up with Davis asking Kelly about the uniqueness of the Notre Dame job because of the rich history and always having to live up to expectations based on past accomplishments, and evolves into the changing landscape of college football and why he has decided to emphasize the little things like how each player arranges his locker the same.

When it comes to recruiting, Kelly talks about how some of Notre Dame's distinctions keep them from spinning their wheels because they're able to tell recruits that when you consider coming to ND, you're "shopping in a different aisle" compared to other program's.

Really well done, candid interview here with an excellent head coach who knows a thing or two about turning things around. This will be the best 15 minutes you take for yourself today.