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Ken Niumatalolo on the Big East move

Ken Niumatalolo caught up with ESPN to answer a few questions about their move to the Big East recently. 

Niumatalolo says that every game they play is an uphill battle. "Everybody that we play is bigger than us. Delaware is bigger than us. We play I-AA teams that are bigger than we are." Ken says that he hopes their new addition to a BCS conference will help to close that gap, without compromising who they are and what they stand for at Navy.

He also adds that the grind of the academy has helped them compete at a high level in recent years. "If it wasn’t for the grind of the academy, the lives that they live, academic requirements. We have some tough-minded kids here."

Niumatalolo said that his biggest concerns with moving to the Big East revolve around needing more staffers to help with preparations. "We need a couple more strength coaches. We’ve never had a full time recruiting coordinator. We’ve had a recruiting coordinator, but he’s also a part-time coach. We’ve never had a football operations guy." He added that he believes those are things that they need to refine in order to compete in a BCS conference.