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Kevin Steele is "extremely irritated"

After two games (two wins), Clemson's defense is averaging allowing 411 yards per game and nearly 220 yards per game rushing (107th in the nation).

Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele is extremely irritated with his squad's inability to tackle (he says his guys missed 16 tackles, allowing an additional 145 yards, Saturday against Wofford). Steele notes that it's not everyone; but just a "handful of players who have eight, nine or ten" missed tackles.

He says the problem is correctable and that there will be changes. Steele was asked if he'd go back to "Junction Boys" style practice (players standing nearby apparently began to quiver). "If we returned to the Junction Boys, which we could've done before now, it wouldn't be an issue. I'd probably be in jail, because they don't let you coach like that no more."

More from Steele, "Something's going to change. When you're extremely irritated about something, it's better to keep your mouth shut. I'm old enough to know and old-school enough to know that if we do it a certain way, and it doesn't work, I know the old way works.....We'll get it fixed....repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition..Encouraging guys through work that we're going to get this thing done. We're going to step on their toes and wrap up. We're going to do that." 

"It frustrates you every single day in practice; but you don't go live in practice. People would be shocked. People don't tackle in practice any more. Don't go to the ground."

Sounds like Steele's defense better come out firing on Saturday when they host Auburn (noon on ABC).

Here's video of Steele after the Wofford game...extremely irritated.