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Kevin Wilson evaluates the Indiana defense

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson has been good for some sound bytes this week. Early in the week, he went off on two radio hosts.

Today, Wilson shared great enthusiasm about the Hoosiers defense. He admitted that there isn’t one group that is overwhelming great, but the progress has been outstanding.

Wilson said, “I don’t know if anybody is ahead, but the defense is doing really good. I do think the defense, when you go everyday against the same look, you should really hone in and start to do well.”

“If you’re going to be really good defense, you need to see that. I had a couple of really nice groups at Oklahoma that every time we went and scrimmaged, we (offense) wouldn’t score. And then we would start playing and we would play really good, so I think it’s really good to them playing well.”

“They need to do better. We’re not where we need to be. And I don’t know really where they were, but they’re making progress. And I like a lot of things from the second group. I think we’re seeing some depth, seeing some guys playing faster because we’re in shape. I think they’re understanding. I think they’re gaining confidence, but I think it can be so much better, too.”

“Are we world beaters? I don’t know, but I love our coaches and the kids do. And they’re working together. If you’re a really good defense, you’re a really good defense at the end of the year because they do it every week.”

Take a look at the Hoosiers mix it up in 3 on 3 Oklahoma drill.