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Kevin Wilson explains plan for Indiana at introductory presser

Kevin Wilson has signed a 7-year contract worth $1.2 million per year as the new head coach at Indiana. Just moments ago, Wilson wrapped up his introductory press conference. 

Here are some of Wilson's quotes:

“Win the day. That will be one of our themes. We’re going to win on a daily basis.” 

“We are going to be tough. We’re going to be physical. You win the Big Ten and win championships by playing great defense.” 

“I think it’s a natural transition for me. We’re ready to give you guys a program you can have a lot of pride in.” 

“I need to give our team some direction.”

“It will be Coach Stoops’ call on the bowl game. He’ll make that decision. Coach Stoops is going to do what’s best for Oklahoma and for those guys to win that bowl game.”

“I’m going to take some time (putting staff together) because we do have time and we have to get it right. To have a strong person there (defensive coordinator) will be important.”

“To speculate (on assistants)…you can because I don’t have a clue.”

“I’m going round and round on that (play calling). We’ll see who we have as a guy directing the offense. I will have a strong vision in that. No matter who our play caller is, I have a pretty good vision for what we want to do.”

“I don’t have a clue yet as if I will call plays. I don’t know if I’m comfortable as a play caller from the sideline so we’ll see how that goes.”

“We will win as a group. If we put together the right staff, I’ll look like I’m doing a good job.”

Post presser remarks with Big Ten Network: “I would start with both (spread and 2-back) because I think there is some element of spread you have to have to throw the ball, but to play great defense you have to go against 2-backs in practice. To win in the Big Ten, our defense will have to go against 2-back and bring toughness, so we’ll have some of that.”