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Kevin Wilson: Here's what I'm looking for from our starting QB...

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson expects to play a number of true freshman and says his starting quarterback will absolutely earn the position.

On Tuesday, Wilson said, “Our plan is to play as many freshmen as we can. From watching some of our guys, I would hope some of our freshmen are better than the guys we have on our team. So I’m counting on a bunch of our freshman playing.”

“We are not a mentally tough team. I think physically, we can go out there and run, but we get tired a little too quick when we practice.”

Is there a time when you want to name a quarterback?

“We had a guy a couple of years ago. What was his name? … BRADFORD. We didn’t name him until 10 days before the first game. We wanted to name him a couple of weeks before, but he had bad scrimmages. So he hadn’t separated himself and we were waiting for him to earn the job. It just took time.”

“It’s not like we gotta have a guy with ‘Win One For the Gipper’ speeches. We are a no huddle team, so it’s not like he’s talking like he’s in the huddle and he’s Bart Starr…giving the great speech or something.”

“He’s just the guy speaking the plays, playing the offense. In the summer, it will be interesting to see who can be the guy that chases the players around and gets them here for voluntary workouts because the players have to do that. The good teams have great attendance. And the players make players come. One of the attributes of the starting quarterback will be to get guys to come follow him and come practice with him.”