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Kevin Wilson: Practice was awesome on eve of Lil Wayne coming to town

Apparently, the Indiana players had a ton of enthusiasm and energy at Tuesday’s practice.

Head coach Kevin Wilson was really pleased, but wondered if the newfound energy was related to the arrival of Lil Wayne.

The grammy-award winning and tatted up “Weezy” was set to perform last night in Assembly Hall on campus in Bloomington as part of his “I AM STILL MUSIC” tour.

Wilson said, “Really good, today. One of best ones, today. A lot of energy and enthusiasm. I don’t know if they’re excited about Lil Wayne coming to town.”

“I told them I’m going to make a cameo. I’m going to get on stage and smoke. I think he was at my wedding, so I’m going to have to pay homage.”

Asked his favorite Lil Wayne song, Wilson quickly stated, “I don’t know, but my daughter knows.”

Unconfirmed, but we heard Lil Wayne went old-school last.

Apparently, the show was legit. Indiana freshman Sean Jordan told the Indiana Daily Student, “This has been the sickest experience of my life. Nothing parallels it. It’s a star-studded cast of rappers, and to top it all off, it’s Little 5 week.”

Our sources tell us "Weezy" set it off at the end of the night with "The Block is Hot."