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Kevin Wilson: Use Twitter to sell what your trying to do

Like all major college head coaches, Kevin Wilson has hit the road hard this off season to help rally support from the home state crowd.

At his most recent stop in Evansville, Wilson talked about some of his new additions to the staff, and how important it was to hire people from programs that not only win, but programs that also demonstrate good work habits.

One recent addition for Wilson is a trainer from the Nebraska staff, who he is admittedly pretty "jacked up" about. On the way to Evansville, they were touching base and Coach Wilson learned that he had just got done testing the conditioning limits of one of the players...not something you hear everyday coming from the training staff.

Wilson also admits he is hitting Twitter pretty hard, taking some advice from Tom Crean. Crean told Wilson to "use your Twitter to sell what your trying to do". Wilson made sure that everyone in attendance knows that he handles his own Twitter account (@IUCoachWilson). He understands that in society there may be no better tool out there to reach the masses quite like the power of Twitter.