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Kevin Wilson: You have to be a physical team to be a great team

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson believes there is a misperception that guys like Mike Leach and Joe Tiller didn’t have physical football teams.

Wilson, who isn’t afraid to throw it 50+ times, certainly wants to implement a level of physicality at Indiana that will give the Hoosiers a chance to compete for a championship.

The Hoosiers have to be well conditioned and play physical at the point of attack in order to win consistently.

During an interview this morning with Dan Dakich on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, Wilson explained, “One of my slogans with our team is ‘Nutrition & Attrition’ because if you’re not resting and eating well, you can’t condition well. If you can’t condition well, you can’t practice well. If can’t practice at a high level, you’re not going to win. Conditioning is a big part.”

“You don’t want to lose the physicalness. The game is still a combative physical game. You still have to be a physical team to be a great team.”

Indiana has not named a starting quarterback because Wilson is hoping one of the candidates will separate from the others this summer. It’s important to Wilson that one quarterback “earns” the starting job.

Wilson’s first game as a head coach will be against Ball State in Lucas Oil Stadium (Indy). The Hoosiers will return home the following week to host Virginia.