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Key to the Arizona Cardinals' success: Old Guys

NFL executives will turn over every rock in looking for the right head coach. This past offseason, teams hired former NFL head coaches, college coaches, NFL coordinators, and the Chicago Bears even went to Canada to find a coach. But there's one market that has gone underexploited of late, save for the Arizona Cardinals: old guys.

After ridding themselves of 50-year-old Ken Whisenhunt, the Cardinals pulled Colts interim head coach/offensive coordinator away from Indianapolis to be their next head coach. Arians is 61. To be a first-time NFL head coach at age 61, Arians is basically Methuselah. 

And he's still 14 years younger than his offensive coordinator and assistant head coach, Tom Moore. 

"Tom Moore will tell us when a pass originated, and everyone in the room's eyes will get big," Arians told the Wall Street Journal. "Guys are lining up saying, 'You helped Cris Carter and Lynn Swann? How can you help me?'"

According to Moore, he only looks 75, but he certainly doesn't feel it.

"I had one knee replaced last April and one replaced in August," said Moore. "I feel like I'm 50."

After last year's 5-11 season, the 7-5 Cardinals have upped their win total with four games to spare. With wins in four of their last five games and dates with Seattle and San Francisco head, Arizona sits one game out of the NFC playoff picture.

"Sometimes head coaches are afraid of (older assistants) because they do know so much," Arians said. "I want the most qualified people I can get. I want their honest opinion.

 "Age has nothing to do with energy. They are wearing the younger guys out."

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