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Kiffin: I can't wait till September is all I'll say...

Lane Kiffin is featured in a Men’s Journal cover story titled, “Crunch Time for Boy Wonder.”

Here are 4 quite interesting quotes from Kiffin in the story:

“I could sit here and say, ‘Why did Oakland happen? Why did leaving Tennessee cause the trouble it did?’ Those things happened to prep me for this, to be a stable manager in a crisis. My model was Obama and his coolness under fire, the confidence he projects during disaster.”

“People ask if I can coach – well, isn’t recruiting coaching? You’re a lot smarter coach when you’ve got a bunch of All-Americans playing each other in practice every day.”

“Meanwhile, other schools are smelling blood, calling my juniors and seniors. They’re calling our recruits now, saying ‘SC’s done, they’re finished.’ I can’t wait till September is all I’ll say. They’re gonna see a fury coming at ‘em.”

“We’re still USC, still the team that others fear, and still the school that trains you for the NFL. We’re King Kong to deal with when we aren’t pissed off, and now we’ve got a chip on our shoulder.”

USC opens at Hawaii on Thursday night September 2nd. ESPN will broadcast the game.