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Kiffin: It was classic Ed Orgeron. He ran up the tunnel with a broken foot

Somehow, last week, USC assistant coach Ed Orgeron suffered a broken foot. 

No reports have surfaced just how the injury occurred, but following Tuesday’s practice, Lane Kiffin joked about one of his favorite assistants.

Kiffin said, “He broke his foot. It’s sad to see. It’s really neat to watch him, it was classic Orgeron (during pre-game against UVA). His foot was broken during that game and he still ran up the tunnel with a broken foot cuz he refused to walk, even once nobody could see him. So now his foot is worse so he’ll be out even longer now, but he showed how tough he was.” 

Kiffin added, “There is a difference between being tough and smart.”

USC travels to Minnesota for a 3:30 pm EST kick-off on Saturday.

You can watch Kiffin tell the story at the 7:40 mark in this video: