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Kiffin: 'Running the ball doesn't mean you're not trying to score'

While the offense has struggled so far for USC, for the first time since 1981, the Trojans have had a 100 yard rusher in back to back games to start off the season. For the most part, the Trojans have struggled in the passing game through the first two games of the season with two young, first year starters battling for the starting gig.

When asked about the struggles of the passing game yesterday after practice, and if he feels that they're being too conservative, Kiffin noted how there are many things going their way, but the passing game is the one glaring issue that they need to get fixed in order to get things back on track.

"As strange as it may seem, there are a lot of things going really well, unfortunately there is one glaring thing that is sticking out and that's the passing game. If that's just normal, we're in a totally different situation right now."

The Trojans are completing just 52% of their passes and are accounting for just 113 yards per game through the air (114th nationally). Both those numbers are very un-USC-like from what we're all used to seeing out of Troy.

"I feel like it's been too conservative because we lost," Kiffin added after being asked about the conservative nature of USC's play calling. "Anytime that you lost you're not going to say 'Well I'd do the exact same thing'. So, we're not trying to lose. Just because you run the ball, doesn't mean that you're not trying to score."

Kiffin and his staff will look to get the passing game, and their season, back on track this week against Boston College.