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Kiffin: Stanford's offense is abnormal

After practice this morning Kiffin was asked about this weeks match-up with Stanford, and what makes them so difficult to defend. In his response, Kiffin didn't focus on Andrew Luck. Instead he turned his focus to Stanford's selection of personnel and formation.

In response to a question about Stanford using 3 tight ends and extra linemen as well, Kiffin offered: 

They go goal line, sometimes in the middle of the field, so all your corners and safeties have to work on their fits and be able to tackle at the line of scrimmage...and you have to worry about play action because they have the whole field to work....I don't think anybody is [doing this], this is just abnormal. The 6, 7 or 8 offensive linemen in the middle of the field on 1st and 10. They've started a game on their minus 20 with no receivers in the game. So I don't think anybody's ever done that, at least not in the last 50 years.

At the end of practice, Kiffin held an open tryout for the kicker position. One of his defensive lineman said he had kicked in high school. Kiffin's response, "We're not going to do that."