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Kiffin wants to take different approach than Saban & Meyer

Although Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have not clarified their stance on allowing NFL scouts to observe practice, multiple reports suggest both coaches have temporarily closed practice to the top-level scouts. 

Enter Lane Kiffin. Although a final decision has yet to be determined at USC, Kiffin admitted after Wednesday evening’s practice that he doesn’t want to close practice to the scouts.

Kiffin reasoning…”I would really try not to kick them out because this is extremely valuable for them and our players. I wouldn’t want to take that away from our players. I think our guys practice at a high level and I’d like for scouts to see that because I think it helps their draft status as you can see by over the last 3 years (we’ve had) 27 players drafted.”

Kiffin added, “We’re still trying to figure out once we get to the regular season, who’s in and who’s out and how long people are going to be here. That’s an on-going process, one that we would have hoped maybe would be nailed by now but because of the new regime coming in, it’s taken us a little bit longer to get everything nailed on that.”