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Kirby Wilson: An inspiration to the Steelers

Steelers players got a nice surprise when the showed up for team workouts recently. Sitting in his office was running backs coach Kirby Wilson.

Back in January, Wilson suffered burns to 45% of his body. Shortly after being released from the hospital, he was back in his office.

Fullback David Johnson recalls seeing Wilson the first day of team activities. "It meant a lot. It makes it feel like you can do anything and makes everything else seem so small.”

Initially, the plan was to have assistant special teams coordinator Amos Jones help Wilson...but it didn't take long to see that, despite most of his coaching is coming from a golf cart, Wilson was picking up right where he left off. 

“Don’t get confused just because he is riding around in a cart most of the time. He is still going to yell at you and scream. That puts a smile on my face...that I hear Kirby yelling at someone.” Ben Roethlisberger said of Wilson's return.

“He is one of those coaches who brings energy to the entire field. Even right now in his state, driving around in the cart, he guy can take light-hearted jokes about driving around in a cart. He is a true story of perseverance.” 

“He is so excited about being back out here. After fighting for his life, his excitement comes from being able to work with us. To me, that’s inspirational.” safety Ryan Clark added.