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Kragthorpe focused on utilizing playmakers with weekly packages

LSU offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Steve Kragthorpe today stressed the importance of creating packages weekly to get the ball into the hand of the Tiger’s playmakers.

Kragthorpe, who is keeping the terminology installed from previous coordinator Gary Crowton, believes the key to a good working relationship with the head coach is communication.

“It’s communication. Philosophically, we are on the same page,” explained Kragthorpe. “We are going to be a strong power running team. We’ll have a quick strike play-action game.” 

“We’re going to keep the same terminology here. We’ll bring in some of the ideas I have. To me, the biggest thing is the put the ball in the playmaker’s hands . We have to have packages to put the ball in the playmakers hands and attack the defensive weaknesses.”

Kragthorpe plans to call the game from the press box. He explained, “You have a better view from there. It’s a little bit more sterile environment. From a communication standpoint, I can get the things I need to get done.”

What about having one quarterback or using a 2-quarterback system?

“Either or. If we have more than one that is capable of taking us to where we want to be, I’m not opposed to that.”

The Tigers will open the 2011 season against Oregon at Cowboys Stadium. The other three non-conference games include Northwestern State, at West Virginia, and Western Kentucky.