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Kyle Whittingham: We won that game 3 times

After being up 24-7 at one point, and then seeing BYU storm back to have a few chances to at least send it to overtime, Kyle Whittingham was almost speechless after their 24-21 victory over BYU on Saturday.

“Where do I begin? We should be 4-1 because we won this game three times.” Whittingham noted after the game.

This was definitely one of the wildest finishes yet this year.

With 5 seconds on the clock, a BYU pass fluttered out of bounds and the crowd thought the game was over, so everyone stormed the field to celebrate. After further review, one second was put back on the clock.

The fans clear the field, and BYU lines up for a long 51 yard field goal attempt. The kick gets blocked...but the fans rushed the field too early this time and get a 15 yard penalty. So BYU gets another field goal opportunity, this time from 36 yards out.

That attempt, with a totally different kicker, hits the upright and is no good, and the fans spill on to the field again, this time for good.

See how the last few possessions went down in the clip below. Wild.