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LA Tech assistant likes big play potential

LA Tech wide receivers coach / assistant head coach Rob Likens really like the Bulldogs’ big play potential.

After Thursday’s practice session, Likens stated, "I think once it is all said and done and we get the starters and they get on the field, I think that we're going to be an offense that score from anywhere on any play. We are going to have about four or five guys that can take it the distance at any time.It makes the play calling a little bit easier when you have a guy that can make some guys miss and get 20 [yards] on a play blocked for five."

The Louisiana heat caused several wide receivers to cramp during practice. Likens said, "We have 10 receivers and seven of them went out with either cramping or some sort of injury. We were left with just three there at the end with him [Ahmad], Tim Molton and Phillip Livas there at the end. They competed at the end and then we had a couple guys that normally don't get a ton of reps that got a chance to go in there for quite a bit.”

Likens praised defensive back Josh Victorian by saying, "I get a chance to see the defensive backs every day, up close and personal. I will tell you what; Josh Victorian is probably one of the best corners I've been around in 20 years. He really is.”

He added, "Tomorrow is going to be a huge leadership day. Everyone is going to be tired. Everyone is going to be hurting. There are some guys that are going to be out so there will be some guys getting more reps than they usually would. You're going to see a team that needs some leadership. After a while, they get tired of the coaches yelling at them. But when their teammate tells them `Hey, you have to pick it up out there, we need you,' it means a little more to them. So we need to get some leadership tomorrow. It will be a good day to gauge our leadership on this football team."

Below is a highlight video of the LA Tech summer workouts.