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LA Tech OC Tony Franklin: I'm pissed off every day

LA Tech offensive coordinator Tony Franklin pretty much speaks his mind.

Following a recent practice, Franklin stated, "The energy today? Not good. The performance? Not good. Nobody was good. Everything. They didn't play hard. They came out and felt sorry for themselves. They wallowed around in their slop and looked like crap. To be a good football team you've got to learn how to overcome it when you get tired and you feel sorry for yourself. Somebody's got to pick it up and get it going, and nobody did.”

Franlkin added, "I'm pissed off every day. Every day that we're out here I'm upset. Until we win and they learn how to win then I'll be upset.”

"Eventually what you want is for the players to do it, and then you don't have to. There will be times — hopefully — where you come out during the season and you'll never see my temper, or I'll be softly spoken."

"I'm happy — don't get me wrong, the players have done some nice things — but they have to learn how to work better."

LA Tech will play Grambling State in the season-opener in Shreveport, LA. The Bulldogs have long road trips to Texas A&M, Boise State, Hawaii, New Mexico State, and San Jose State.