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Lane Kiffin and Mark Richt defend Cam Newton...sort of

It absolutely pains us to write anything about this whole Cam Newton situation, but we were glad to see Lane Kiffin and Mark Richt come to Newton’s defense.

Kiffin said yesterday that Newton did not ask for money from Tennessee. The Vols recruiting Newton, but didn’t offer him because he wasn’t the perfect fit for Kiffin’s offensive system.

Kiffin said, “You hear so many things down there.”

"I remember so many things said about me that weren't accurate. It was a good lesson learned.If something comes on the radio or in print, I don't think there are any facts to it at all until someone shows some proof. This is a perfect example."

Mark Richt added, “It’s just amazing the amount of noise there is around it. Whether somebody does something or not, there’s just a lot of attention put on accusations that may or may not be true. I’m not even talking about this one in particular, but just in general.”

“Somebody gets accused of something and it’s like a bomb goes off. Whether or not it’s true — and I don’t think some people care if it’s true or not — they’re going to sensationalize and make a big deal about it.”

“I think anybody is innocent unless there’s some proof that they’re guilty. That’s America. That’s how we’re trying to operate.”

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